Structure of an essay


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1. Title page

2. Introduction – the essence and justification of the choice of this topic, consists of a number of components that are connected logically and stylistically;

At this stage it is very important to correctly formulate the question to which you are going to find the answer in the course of your research.

When working on the introduction, the answers to the following questions can help: “Do I need to define the terms in the topic of the essay?”, “Why is the topic that I open now important for the moment?”, “What concepts will be involved in my arguments on topic? ”,“ Can I divide the topic into several smaller sub-topics? ”.

3. The main part – the theoretical basis of the selected problem and the presentation of the main issue.

This part assumes the development of argumentation and analysis, as well as their substantiation, based on the available data, other arguments and positions on this issue. This is the main content of the essay and this is the main difficulty. Therefore, subtitles are important, on the basis of which the structuring of argumentation is carried out; it is here that it is necessary to substantiate (logically, using data or rigorous reasoning) the proposed argument / analysis. Where necessary, graphs, charts and tables can be used as an analytical tool.

Depending on the question posed, the analysis is carried out on the basis of the following categories:

The reason is a consequence, the general is special, the form is the content, the part is the whole, Constancy is variability.

In the process of constructing an essay, it must be remembered that one paragraph should contain only one statement and the corresponding proof, supported by graphic and illustrative material. Consequently, filling the sections with argumentation (corresponding to subtitles), it is necessary, within a paragraph, to limit oneself to the consideration of one main idea.

A well-tested (and for most – absolutely necessary) way to build any essay is to use subheadings to indicate the key points of a reasoned presentation: it helps to look at what is supposed to be done (and answer the question whether the plan is good). This approach will help to follow exactly the goal in this study. Effective use of subtitles is not only the designation of the main points that need to be covered. Their sequence may also indicate the presence or absence of consistency in the coverage of the topic.

Conclusion – generalizations and reasoned conclusions on the topic, indicating the scope of its application, etc. Summarizes the essay or once again makes explanations, reinforces the meaning and value of the above in the main part. Recommended methods for drawing a conclusion: repetition, illustration, quotation, impressive statement. The conclusion may contain such a very important, complementary essay element, as an indication of the application (implication) of the study, not excluding the relationship with other problems.