How to write an essay?


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An essay is a literary genre of small prose. It differs from the story and story in that it presents the personal impressions of the author and his opinion about the stated issue. To know how to write an essay correctly, it is necessary to clarify the structure and purpose of this literary work.

Story structure

In order to write a concise and logical essay you need to follow a certain plan. The problem disclosed in the text should be fully worded at the introductory stage. At the same time, it is necessary to explain to the reader the reasons why the topic being described is interesting and relevant. These rules are relevant to essays written on the topic of history or, for example, economics.

In the main part of the text, the topic indicated in the introduction should be fully disclosed. Here are given and justified all the arguments given in the text. The main part can be divided into subheadings. If in the essay it is necessary to add graphs and diagrams, then it should be done in the main part.

Much attention is paid to the content of the main sections. The paragraph contains only one argument and only one substantiated proof.

The final part of the essay summarizes the conclusions and generalizations. The results are summed up and additional explanations are made, if they are needed. In conclusion, quotes and drawings. If the problem described in the essay is related to other subjects, you should also indicate this in the conclusion.

Social Studies Essay

Since most often an essay has to be written by schoolchildren and students, an essay on history, economics and social studies is in a special place. In order to write an essay on social studies correctly, it is necessary, first of all, to get acquainted with the topic the task is devoted to.

The essay, as a rule, is devoted to a small circle of questions under consideration. In addition to quotes and extracts from specialized literature, such work is not complete without expressing the author’s own opinion. This differs the genre of educational essay from essays. The narration of the text should be free and unconstrained.

For people who need to collect information for any reason, an essay can be useful and greatly simplify the work. Since it, as a rule, gives several points of view on the subject.