How to start an essay?


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A work in the genre of essays for schoolchildren is a new and promising phenomenon. XXI century tends to small forms. A short dictionary of literary terms interprets the essay as “a kind of essay in which the main role is not the reproduction of the fact, but the image of impressions, reflections, associations.” The essay in the genre of essay requires from the author not only the ability to demonstrate the “amount of knowledge”, but also to emphasize their own feelings, experiences, attitudes to what he writes. in short, the author of the essay – this is not only the narrator, but also the hero. Essay is characterized by a pronounced author’s position, sincerity, and emotionality of the presentation. The genre gives the right to a subjective statement of the problem and a free composition.

It would seem that everything is clear. But not everything is so simple. It’s a good idea to create an essay in the genre, if you’re Arthur Schopenhauer, not a high school student. The teacher will see the problem in that the creative task, called the essay, must be objectively evaluated. A free composition can avoid the disclosure of the topic, and increased emotionality can replace the content of the content. In addition, the teacher must approach the assessment of work at least in terms of knowledge and skills. The dialectical contradiction in the school practice of writing an essay is available: artistic form and analytical, structured content, subjective and objective sides.

When you start writing an essay, you must prepare a draft. Some students do not know what the draft is, and they write it as a “clean” (that is, the final one) job option – a densely filled letter, practically without fields, but written more carelessly. Such draft does not leave room for improvement of opinion, does not allow to work creatively. “Wrong” drafts are suitable for works of a compilative nature, thus training the practice of lack of independent thinking. As a result, this method leads to panic fear of self-expression. Draft sheets are best left half empty and write on one side of them. When working with a draft, re-reading and trimming, gradually filled in and fields, and on the back of the page – the space for concretization, confirmation of their views by examples and quotations.