Essay writing tips


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Essay is a unique genre that does not exist. In fact, this is some free-form reasoning with a certain idea. There are no special characteristics, except for a relatively small size. But many journalists, writers and other masters of the word are constantly asked to jot down a small essay on any topic. And it often leads to a stupor. Let’s try to determine how to write an essay so that it suits everyone. 6 writing tips.

1. Experiment with the composition. If you often have to write an essay, try to get away from the standard “article” form. Try to take advantage of the huge baggage that has accumulated world literature. For example, use a circular composition. This will help emphasize the basic idea and present your thoughts in a new way.

2. Do not move away from the topic. Due to the small size, the essay requires you to concentrate. Thinking about the tree is a bad idea, that’s for sure.

3. Always confirm your statements with arguments. There is no perfect structure for an essay, but one thing is always certain: your every thesis needs to be proved. A naked announcement of something puts you in an initially losing position and readers will immediately feel the slack. If you write an essay on a site with a commenting system, get ready for the flow of negative.

4. Make an introduction and epilogue, conclusion. The presence of these parts helps the reader to understand: a) why the topic is raised, b) why you write about it, c) what your thoughts are on the topic, d) why your position is correct (or at least has a right to exist). When you write an essay, note that the conclusion should summarize the previous text and be as accessible as possible to the reader.

5. Do not overdry the text. You can use ironic statements, try to hook the reader with some paradoxical things. An essay is not at all a boring monotonous text, it is a living narrative fabric. Do not forget about it. Especially if it is aimed at publication in the media.

6. Always check what is written. In this case, you should not only pay attention to spelling and punctuation, but also carefully consider the logic. The essay should be logical, the arguments should correspond to the problem under consideration, and the logical series should not be disturbed by an unexpected transition to another topic.